Our Team

Each member of our team dedicates themselves to providing exceptional, timely, and efficient services to our clients. We constantly collaborate with each other to verify the quality of our work; and we engage often with our clients to make sure we thoroughly understand their inventions so we can best represent them. We aim to give our clients the best work within the time frames that our clients require.

Our academic training, work experiences, and continuing education equip us to understand highly complex and specialized technology. You can rely on us to focus on the details and represent your invention with your best interests in mind.

We have built a team of easy-going, kind, and honest Intellectual Property experts who are excited about the work we do. Our excitement and passion for what we do translates into better work products for our clients.

Diana DiBerardino

(Owner/Partner, Patent Attorney)

Meghan McGovern

(Owner/Partner, Patent Attorney)

Laura Lee

(Patent Attorney)

Anthony Shaw

(Patent Agent)

Gregory Bean

(Patent Agent)

Sallie Knudsen

(Patent Paralegal – Accounting Administrator)