DMIP Group specializes in domestic patent prosecution and Intellectual Property counseling in the electrical, optical, and mechanical arts. Our clients produce the latest in electronics, optoelectronics, imaging systems, devices for distributing and controlling electrical power, ultraviolet lithography, mechanical devices, toys and games, mechanical designs, medical devices, data communications, speech recognition, computer software and more.

Nothing excites us more than helping a client protect a new invention!

Trained by the best at one of the country’s most prestigious Intellectual Property law firms, our technical and academic backgrounds enable us to readily grasp a wide range of technologies. As a boutique firm, we’re able to devote more time and energy to helping you craft an individualized patent strategy that accurately captures the new and novel nature of your invention. Let us help you protect the assets that give your business a competitive edge in today’s global marketplace.

Patent Procurement and Related Services

When it comes to patents, specific rules and guidelines must be followed. Your inventions must also be new, useful, and non-obvious. We work with clients to ensure their patent applications are prepared to the letter of the law and that they obtain exclusive rights to their inventions. DMIP Group is able to give you our full attention and ensure your rights to your invention.

United States: We work with clients through all aspects of the patent process:

  • Developing and implementing invention harvesting and patent portfolio management strategies
  • Analyzing trade secrets
  • Conducting patentability searches and evaluation
  • Drafting patent applications
  • Prosecuting patent applications before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  • Providing counseling and legal services related to patent rights, including filing, prosecution, and maintenance of patents
  • Prosecuting patents and advancing applications by presenting our clients’ perspective in Patent Office examiner interviews and during oral arguments before the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences
  • Reissuing applications and conducting post-grant procedures for patents that have issued

International: We collaborate with a network of attorneys in non-U.S. jurisdictions to assist clients in securing foreign patent rights. Counseling and legal services include filing, prosecution, and maintenance of foreign patents.

Strategic Intellectual Property Counseling

  • Patent infringement analysis. We counsel clients on infringement detection, offer options for enforcement, and prepare opinions of counsel. We also evaluate licensing and sale opportunities and assist with the drafting and negotiation of IP licenses.
  • Patentability analysis. We counsel clients on infringement detection, provide information on options for enforcement, and prepare opinions of counsel.
  • Patent non-infringement and invalidity analyses. We can develop and implement prior art searches, prepare invalidity analyses to identify weaknesses in patents, develop non-infringement arguments, and provide advice on the validity and enforceability of patents. When necessary, we also provide counseling on design-arounds.
  • We conduct exhaustive research for our clients in order to determine if there is an infringement issue. Further, we can assess the infringement risk of a new or existing product, and provide extensive and deep insights on how to reduce infringement risk in the future.
  • Our clients benefit from our experience in conducting due diligences to evaluate Intellectual Property issues associated with investments, corporate acquisitions, and patent purchases. When you are planning to release a new product, we can also provide freedom-to-operate and clearance analyses.